Chandra Kanth Nagesh

Comp-Sci Grad Student @ University of Colorado Boulder
CS Endowed Founder's Fellowship Winner (2022-2023)
Previously: Sr. Data Scientist @ · Data Scientist @ General Electric Digital


Hi there, thanks for stopping by! 👋

I am a second-year research based master’s student at the Department of Computer Science at CU Boulder.

My research interests span the areas of Computer Vision and Deep Learning. I am generally fascinated about learning representations of images and videos from limited labeled datasets that are useful and transferable across a wide range of domains. Specifically, I am interested in working on problems in domain adaptation, salient object detection, semantic segmentation and few shot learning.

Currently, I am working at the Image and Video Computing Group as a graduate research student under the supervision of Dr. Danna Gurari, with a focus in the area of Salient Object Detection.

Prior to my master’s, I worked close to 4 years in the industry, where I developed products in the domain of computer vision and reinforcement learning. I recieved my undergraduate degree in Computer Science from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore.

In my spare time, I love to work on fun side projects, watch, play and analyse soccer! I am originally from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, currently living in Boulder, Colorado, USA.