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  1. The Birds Need Attention Too: Analysing usage of Self Attention in identifying bird calls in soundscapes
    Nagesh, Chandra Kanth, and Purushothama, Abhishek


  1. Identifying Missing Component in the Bechdel Test Using Principal Component Analysis Method
    Lakhotia, Raghav,  Nagesh, Chandra Kanth, and Madgula, Krishna
    In Proc. of International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA) 2019


  1. Secure Handshake Mechanism for Autonomous Flying Agents Using Robust Cryptosystem
    Nagesh, Chandra Kanth, Rao, KN, and Koundinya, Anjan K
    In Proc. of 2nd International Conference on Computational Systems and Information Technology for Sustainable Solution (CSITSS) 2017